Our comprehensive internal quality control program under the leadership of licensed professional engineers and ACI certified concrete technicians provides for careful and close monitoring of our product quality.  B & B has a quality control laboratory accredited by the Mississippi Department of Transportation located on its plant yard in Tupelo.  Backup concrete plant cylinders and the associated laboratory test data are maintained on projects as required, and the test results help us not only monitor but also ensure that our B & B customers are receiving the desired, certified product quality

Depending on placement conditions, temperature, jointing or other construction details, we supply custom mixes as required.  Admixtures and products utilized include retarders, accelerators, plasticizers, and fibers.  Coarse aggregates with gravel or limestone are available in various gradations or sizes.  For backfilling of utilities or piping, flowable fill mixes are available.  We can provide high-early strength mixes when the concrete must be used in a critical time frame.  With a green environment in mind, pervious concrete mixes allow for rain water to drain back into the soil.  Also, ultra-thin paving mixes are available in special applications.

B & B has ready-mix concrete plants with appropriate production capacity for the market area served.  The vast majority of our ready-mix plants operate with computerized batching systems.  The delivery of ready-mix concrete is made with a modern fleet of trucks in order to ensure that we meed the desired schedule for our customers.


B & B Concrete manufactures reinforced concrete pipe in diameters from 12”-72” that meets ASTM, MDOT, and National Precast Concrete Association specifications.  From subdivisions and county roads to airports and interstate highways, we supply contractors on both private and public jobsites.  Our tractor trailers have unloaders that place the round pipe sections near where they will be laid.  We also make flared end sections for the matching pipe size and carry joint sealing materials.

In addition to concrete pipe, we have cast iron drainage grates, HDPE plastic pipe, and corrugated metal pipe


We make NPCA approved concrete manhole units consisting of bottoms, riser sections, tops, and rings & covers.  Other precast items offered include parking curb sections, cattle feed troughs, splash blocks, bunker blocks, and right-of-way markers


Serving both homeowners and contractors, our store carries a full line of concrete finishing tools, sealers, curing compounds, forming accessories, package goods such as portland cement, and aggregates.  We are distributors of Concrete PermaPro decorative color products, including acid stains and waterbased stains.


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